From The Eyes of An Observer

I Observed and I Comment!

There is no greater blessing
than an understanding friend,
who's there in times of trouble
and on whom we can depend.

A friend who knows our every mood
And brightens cloudy days,
One who's slow to criticize
But quick to offer praise.

There is no greater blessing
Than a friend who always cares,
One who will remember us
In daily thoughts and prayers.

By Kay Andrews (

This is a great poem by someone who truly understand what friendship is all about.

Being a friend is not just about companionship. It deals with every possible challenges that you have to deal with other human beings living around you.

Here are some useful "keys" that you had to have in your pocket in dealing with friends:
1) Observation
2) Understanding
3) Patience
4) Caring
5) Motivating

1st Key- Observation
Generally, some of my friends that I know of does not understand the importance of being an observant person. Being an observant person helps you to know what he likes/dislikes but most importantly his behaviour and character. This is particularly a powerful tool that everyone has to possessed. This will help you in the 2nd key.

2nd Key - Understanding
How does Observation help you in understanding your friend? By understanding him, it will be able to help you on how to deal with your friend and hence will be able to minimize potential conflicts and creating a strong bond between two parties. But being understanding also requires the 3rd Key.

3rd Key - Patience
Sometimes, emotions comes to play when you are dealing with your friends. Hence, it always affects your hearts first before your brain. And at times, your emotions will bypass the 2nd key. Being patient will help you assess the situation carefully and applying the 2nd key.

4th Key - Caring
Friends are like any ordinary people. They need attention at times. Just like a dying plant needs water. Some of these moments are precious as it is between life and death. Believe me. I've encountered this situation before. So, when your friend screams, please be there. They trusted you hence they looked for you.

5th Key - Motivating
Saying the right words helps. The right words builds while the wrong one destroys. These is self explanatory. Hence, choose your words wisely. Sometimes words can hurt. Sometimes, it creates new meaning in life. But most of all, you need to have the 1st and 2nd key before you can use the 5th key effectively.

These are some of the numerous important keys in friendship. Finally, I would like to stress out that this post is based on my opinion only and the list is not exhaustive. Hence, I did not want to bored you with grandpa stories. Hope you enjoy and learn.


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